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Keyword Research

Attract more visitors to your site!

Keyword Research reveals potential keywords and phrases relevant to your business and identifies keywords and phrases that are actually being searched for.    

Whether you have an existing website or creating a new website, RoseGold Consulting can generate a keyword report targeted to your audience.



Even though Google, through the Hummingbird update of 2013, has meant significant changes to how search results are generated, keyword research is still a worthwhile component. It is still important to have keywords structured into website metadata to ensure Google (and other search engines) have an accurate understanding of your business.


Understanding Visitor Searches

It is important to get an understanding of what types of queries targeted visitors are commonly using. This understanding will enable keywords and phrases to be identified and to be used in website content and also in your metadata.

RoseGold Consulting can generate a Keyword Report for your website and as a result gain visibility.


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Priority Website Build

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Speak with us about our new "Priority Website Build".   If you have a new product launch or an advertising campaign happening soon, or just really want your site developed quickly,  we can treat your website development as priority.

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