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website development

Website Development

Developing websites for small business, medium business and individuals is our passion.  

If you have an existing business or thinking of creating a new business that needs a website professionally developed - we can help!

Developing a website is generally broken into several working stages and a close working relationship is essential in getting your new or redesigned website completed.

1. Requirements Gathering

Planning your website is one of the most important elements in creating a website and is sometimes overlooked.   To ensure a good understanding of you, your ideas and your company, requirements for your website will be gathered.   The type of information required includes:

      • target audience
      • business goals
      • purpose of the website
      • mobile devices and responsive designs
      • hosting and domain names
      • budget and delivery time frames
2. Planning Stage

Based on the information gathering process, an information architecture (sitemap) will be developed and used to create the site navigation structure. 

As part of the planning stage, any additional elements such as contact forms, e-commerce stores, graphics and images will need to be identified.

3. Design Stage

Now it's time to start the website design and create a wireframe. The design will be based on your ideas for the website whilst incorporating information attained from the above 2 stages. 

Good communication between the client and RoseGold Consulting is imperative at this stage to ensure the design stays on track.

A wireframe for the homepage and a navigation page will be created and delivered to the client. Once approved and signed off by the client and RoseGold Consulting, the next stages will be ready to start.

4. Creating Content

If you have proceeded with a Keyword Research Report, the keywords and phrases will be used to create quality content targeted at your audience.  To save on costs, you can write the content yourself and if necessary, it can then be optimised by RoseGold Consulting.

Metadata will be also be generated and be incorporated on each page of your website in the development page.

Images and graphics will also need to be sourced. 

5. Website Development

After the domain name and website hosting have been finalised, typically the website development will start with the homepage followed by the navigation pages to create a functional website.  This is usually one of the most time consuming processes as there is a lot of work that needs to be undertaken in regards to coding.  

Prior to testing, links to the development site will be able to be accessed by the client.

6. Testing and Delivery

All websites are tested in common platforms as well as through emulation on nominated mobile devices before "go live" or release of your website. To ensure clients are satisfied with the final product, they are involved in the testing process, by thoroughly reviewing each page for:

      • user experience
      • content accuracy
      • link testing
      • image placement
      • overall design

Once the testing stage has been signed off, the website will "go live" at a pre-determined date and time as agreed between the client and RoseGold Consulting.

7. Maintenance and Monitoring

Ensuring your content is optimised and keeping your new website current and up to date is important.  Visitors to your site do not want to see outdated content as this reflects on your business.  With a content management system in place you can easily edit and update your own website content, or you can talk to us further about our Website Management plans to take the worry out of your hands. 

Website Hosting

Fast & Reliable - FREE EMAIL*

Not happy with your existing web hosting service or need to find a reliable provider?  Easy to use Cloud, Email and Cpanel web hosting is the answer for small to medium sized business with easy to use interface, fast and reliable.

*Cloud and Cpanel Hosting only

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Website Management

Need Management for your New or Existing website?

If you don't have the time or the knowledge to make updates to content or changes to your website then talk to us about our Website Management packages and get a customised management plan for your business today!

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Priority Website Build

Need Your Website Urgently?

Speak with us about our new "Priority Website Build".   If you have a new product launch or an advertising campaign happening soon, or just really want your site developed quickly,  we can treat your website development as priority.

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*additional charges may apply

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